Welcome to our world!

It’s fun, friendly, full of prosecco and everyone is welcome! 

 A lifetime away from our corporate lives, The Fizzy Grape is a place we can be our true selves! She combines our love of creative projects, customer experience and making people smile to bring you a beautifully unique mobile bar and cocktail experience... wherever you are! 

No celebration is too big, too small, too loud, too quiet. We are open to it all! Give us a call, we would love to help!

The Pros (ecco),

Bex and Chlo x

How it Began

<<< Image before her renovation<<<<

The Fizzy Grape was born in early 2023.. and this is how she looked! Since then she has been spruced up beyond all recognition. She has kept her original charm but has a bold new look suitable to any occasion. 

Our beautiful caravan might be little in size but she's big in personality and has been lovingly restored into a mobile bar. Her soft and elegant exterior and vibrant and striking interior is the perfect contrast for any event or special occasion. 

We can also add customised features and create bespoke cocktail menus to make her unique for you!  



Our Prosecco

Made 100% from the Glera (prosecco) grape.

Italian law stipulates that only 75cl bottles of 'Glera Frizzante' can be called prosecco!

For sustainability and transportation reasons we supply much of our prosecco by the keg which means it is known by the Roman name of the grape 'Glera Frizzante'.  This distinction has no influence on the quality or authenticity of the delicious sparkling wine we supply.




Maximum fun, minimum environmental impact

We are passionate about sustainability and try to reduce our environmental impact at every opportunity. So far we:

Supply by the keg because:

Kegs are recyclable and produce much less waste than the equivalent 26 bottles.

one keg is roughly 50% lighter than the equivalent in bottles 

Kegs are refillable, recyclable and keep fresh to the last drop which means less waste!​


Serve from fully recyclable glasses

Serve Frizzante fully approved by the Vegan Society.



Our promise

We want every experience with us to be amazing!

We guarantee to be there every step of the way. Our friendly, accommodating service puts you at the centre of everything we do, from helping develop your vision to delivering on the day so that you can relax. No ask is too big or too small, if we can make it happen for you we will!